How it could be possible??


Another time i heard you inside of me and then i checked you was there. It says the number tree is the perfect number for everything. And now i confirm we have an our own connection. Everytime i have my own sensation you are around the corner. I just didnt wanted believe it. But it was real. When i felt my thing in my stomach you was there in front of your screen and you did write which you wrote.  I still shaking my head still incredulous about what happened. But i was born with this sensitivity. And maybe  you gave me such strenght to goes on besides i had  since i was born, and  i  developed this our connection. And maybe you got everything ‘i told you about my life‘ and this tied us up in a such way that we dont still understand completely. At least me.  I wanted to create a world just mine with you. I wanted believe that which i felt, here in my bedroom with my music,  it was a just my own dream. Just which i felt it was just another way to love you. Another way to feel you close to me. Another way to feel you saying words to encourages me to improve myself. To dream you say me sweet words and to imagine you caress my face metioning a smile. But i must to see the reality. I feel you for real everytime you  are there. Must confess, this scares me a little. It never happened to me in this way. So, the other day, and i was sleeping and i felt my thing in my stomach… as i describe it as the dancing butterflies in my stomach you was for real.

My parellel world with you does exists FOR REAL And maybe which person ‘you wait to meet‘ that’s me


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