as me…


Surprises yourself how our lights dancing together while we  feeling eachother and start to get connect eachother, also we’re so far. Here in my bedroom i start to write you and i feel you hearing me. I see you look at the sky and we see our souls dancing becoming just only one. When did we first heard our connection?  I do believe you was the first to  hear that feeling that now it unites us so strongly. Now im feeling you. My heart beats so strong and my dancing butterflies are in my stomach and im so calm. Just with you i feel like this. My mind is free and just wants you. Looking at you. Your eyes so surprised and i dont surprise how much beauty there is in our parellel world.  You know how i much i need you in this moment. Look up our eyes and together we look at the sky with amazed eyes. As me that look at you wonderful eyes in this moment. They describes me saying any words which you feel. Remain breathless. I see your wondeful soul trought your eyes. Our lights, our dancing butterflies, our souls melting eachother. I come close to you taking your hand to my breast and i whisper ‘You see. this our love’



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