it’s useless to


repeat things that you have heard million of times. But i repeat them for myself and maybe also just for you. Maybe you dont know how has been your impact on my life. Maybe you starts to know me when i write my story in little pieces on twitter and of how has been great your help for me to see you plays some parts of my life on the screen. It helps so much A such help. Sometimes i thought to be a little weak. Some phrases you played described me in a such way that i feel so involved into you. And i never imagined you would have been part of my life in this way.  Never imagined to see some of my life, the most painful, on the screen and never thought you was part of it. And never thought you taught me the biggest lesson of my life. My weakness must be my own force. I never stop to thank for which you gave me. I love you  so much



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