Our parellel world i feel our  distance. And i miss you so badly. I know you’re sleeping now. I try to wake you up. My soul calling you. I just need you to look at you in your eyes. Just need to touch on your skin. I need your warm hug. Just need you look into mine. Need to hear to your voice whispers my name. I need of some certainty of your love, your feel for me. I just need of something you just can give me. I feel something inside of me and i’m sure you start to feel the same. Open your eyes. Look up your eyes. Do you feel it? You get in our parellel world. Im in there. I’m waiting for you. Our eyes get into eachother and our souls get into a sweet embrace. ‘I’ve waitied for you’ whisper you in a ear and i kiss soflty your neck. ‘Embrace me, i need of it’. I smell your skin and i close my eyes as you do. All i need of this. Of your embrace. Of your naked skin. Of your smell. Of you.


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