The lights


Into your eyes is the most beautiful light i’ve ever seen and how it does calm myself, that’s incredible. I just need into them and i just see our parellel world. I love your look especially your eyes. I just look at them and dive myself in our world where i can meet everything i want: Pirates, ships, black flag. I can meet you in everyway i imagine. I can smell your skin I meet you just looking at me and metion a smile. I can see which you want me to see about your feeling about me. Those eyes for me are everything i desire. just need to look at them, their own light and i get connect with you and all i need is all that. I dont need of anything else. Just dive myself into your eyes and which i need is into of them. I just need to be embraced by you. Just feel your soul embraces me. All i need of this one.



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