Someone asked me


‘Who do you miss?’ Reply myself  ‘I miss you’. I dont reply to this question how i would like to. But i know how i miss you so badly in this time. Just you know the truth of my heart. You know my bottom feelings. How i miss your touch and you know you’ve touched my soul. Just to write this diary i feel so close to you. And just look at you i dont feel empty. You’re that part  i lost long time ago. Just with you im feel happy.  Just look at your eyes and i see our parellel world and in there i’m feel completly myself. Your smile contains the most beautiful colorful light i’ve ever seeen in my life. You make reborn myself  just whisper just few words that got me in a such way i never forget. As i never stop to say that. You gave me that strenght i started to loose. With just few words you show me i can go on beside all. You’re my strenght. My parellel world and all i need is you.



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