I see your light

Stockholm, Sweden

get in me as a ray of sun as your smile when you see me i look at you and you metion at me that smile i drive crazy for. Your light is magic for me. Inside of it i see your soul. Which it tells i  love it. I would never stop to listen to it. Meanwhile you take my hand and put it on your chest. Which i feel is your skin trought the softness of that shirt. You look at me with your eyes and you know i drive crazy for. Your look changes. That whole atmosphere changes. Your eyes becomes our parellel world. I touch on your shirt. You take my face in your hands. Your eyes as my world, mine as your. Slowly i start to unlace your shirt. Your smell get in the air and my soul dancing with your. Our souls get connect eachother. Our music take us in this world we just know. What we need is to stay in this way embraced together. I love this just our own connection. It’s very important to me.I would like to let you know which i’m feel while i’m write these words to you.

Maybe is just a stupid thing, but  i love to dream this parellel world i’ve created with you. Everynight i need to write which i dream, which you make me feel. I let my mind free and that strange thing i feel in my stomach it’s like you feel the same for me… i think for real we have a thin rope that unites us. Maybe im a fool… maybe not. Just you can answer at this my question… Maybe one day you will do.



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