When i see you


lost in your thoughts i ask myself ‘What does he thinking about?’, then you look at me and you face illuminates everything around us. You take my hand to your heart. Mine starts to beat so fast as your. And everything get color itself by our parellel world colors. You whisper me ‘I waited for you’ and hug me so hardly. ‘I really waited for you. Need you’. Your dancing butterflies is on my stomach  and i really feel you. ‘I need of our parellel world’ I caress your face sofltly and i whisper you ‘I put on our music, so our soul get connect in our own way. We feel eachother in this way.’ So close. Also if we’re so far. I feel you so close with my soul and my heart. I feel your warm hug you giving me. I whispering you ‘Do you know how much you’re so important to me?’. Lookin at me reply me with just your shinest smile and take to my hand to your heart. ‘Do you feel  how it does beats so fast? It’s just yor closiness also with your soul’ With these words i remain breathless and i want touch on your skin. To kiss your lips so ardently. I wishper you ‘I want you’.  You look at  me, come closer and our souls got eachother.



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