I never stop…


to surprise myself when i look at your eyes, when you look at me in this way. I see our world and you look take me to in this parellel universe. And i feel your own force in me. You have this power. With just a look to take me to this wonderful place that’s our parellel world, when i i all need of it. You know it when it’s time. I must to look up my eyes into your and we get connect eachother. Just we need is to look eachother to feel when we need of eachother. When you need me, my stomach starts to have inside your dancing butterflies, and i hear your voice calls me. I just need to connect with you and we are together as we are now. I just need to look at you and i know you do the same. And our souls get connected at the same time. I feel you and you feel me. Our hearts melting eachother. That’s warm feel we hear it’s just our love. Our love that in someway destroy us. Because our distance. But our hearts are so closer than before. This warm feel we hear it’s just need of eachother. Our beware about us. Our beware of our love.

Never stop to surprise myself how much i need you and never stop whisper you ‘ i need to dive myself in your eyes, therefore in your soul. All i need of that’.


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