When i see you…

luke-12_2015-a_sin this way, just one thing is on my mind. Your desire. Desire of everything about me. And my desire of you grow up. I want to smell your skin. I want you take me to our pirate ship and goes to our parellel world where we get eachother. We feel our passion. Our smell, our souls melting eachother. Your soflt hands on me as your eyes into mine. There we can find our parellel world. Our own bottom world. Our bottom souls. Where we can see into our eyes and say anything just because we just know everything about us. Our desires. Our touches. Our looks. Your whispers, my sighning. My eyes into your. Our world into your mole. Our world into my love for you. Your own sun into your smile. I feel your breath makes it fast. Our dancing lights around  us. Your warm hug. You give me the most silky kiss. Your lips on my mouth…your tongue plays with mine . We love eachoter.



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