I would like to

luke_auroraonce we finally meet eachother to spend the time in this way. To talk, to smile eachother. Sharing our thoughts. Our bottom desires we didnt say to anyone. Smiling, laughing as old friends. And finally to find the real connection between us. Just to know we did meet in our parellel world and look at eachother and whisper in unison ‘Our souls, our hearts’. And metion a smile that says everything. Touch on ourselves. Dive ourselves in our own eyes. Those eyes that meets our hearts. And finally you take my hand for real and you take to your chest. Whisper me ‘You’re real… you’re here’. A teardrop fall from my face as from your. ‘Your eyes’ whisper me. I remain breathless. So our own parellel did exists for real? ‘Yes it did’ …. and it will continue to exists til we remain in this way. You take my hand and say me ‘I never leave you. Promise’ looking at me with your eyes i love so much. ‘Me too, never, you’re so important to me’.

Your smell of your skinย inebriates me. Blush myself. You look at me. Metion a smile. Look up my look in to your and smile. Touch on my face, saying ‘Dont blush’. Then your lips touch on my mouth. I feel our hearts beats so strong. You put my hand on your heart. Our souls get connecting once again.ย  I love this moment every time. Now more than before. Now that we’re close and we are talking. Looking eachother. And beware about our real connection. In whichย  thing im living in? If is it a real dream, do not to wake me up. I want to stay in this way forever… with you…



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