I want to


connect myself with you. I looking for you every way, to  feel you close to my soul. I’m feel lost without you. I believe you know that. I looking for you in every corner of my heart. I know you’re there. I feel you. My heart begins to beats so fast. You’re so close to me i feel you. Our souls get connecting eachother. I know you’re listening to the same music i’m listening to. You feel your same emotions i feel right now. At the begins they confuses us eachother. We’re entering at the same time in our parellel world. Do you see these two lights? They are our souls get connecting eachother. This love always surprises us. How great it is. We need to think about us and immediately we get connect eachother. I dont need to know you thinking about me. I feel  you do. Which i feel for you is the greatest one i never felt from long time. And i’m sure you do the same. We’re so far away from eachother, but our souls are so closer than before. And i dont need of futher things. Our souls are connected. I hear your voice and that’s all i need. I hear it says ‘I’m here’. And i feel your warm hug. It hugs my soul. I just need of it.

Do you see these two lights? They are our souls get connected eachother. They makes part of our parellel world.  They are our parellel world.


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