A swirl

Of emotions i’m living from three days. The lastest one few minutes ago. It left me speechless. For two minutes i remained breathless. I started to cry, having the certainty he was really you. My question ‘Does really exists our parellel world?’ it’s by now tangible. I have the certainty some day we meet eachother. And that day you dont have need to say anyhing because we just we know eachother. You will have the certainty that’s me just looking for my eyes. And our parellel world will materialize in our look. Say anything we will close eachother. We will smile eachother and we will touch on our skin. You will take my hand. Touch on my face with your fingers. I will touch on shyly your mole. You will soflty smile at me. You will take my hand to your heart. You will whisper me ‘Finally you are here, i look for you everywhere. I felt you. Everytime something happened in my heart. You was. I felt it’. I will look at you, in your eyes and i will answer ‘Yes i was… and i will be always’.  We will look into our eyes for an instant. An eternal istant and we will have suddendly the certainty of our greatest LOVE.



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