How beautiful

bagollo9You’re. Your look hypnotize me. Your eyes talks to me. In our eyes i see such beauty, you cant imagine. Your look. that look dive myself in an universe we just know. Our parellel world. How i much i love to watch to you. Without say any words instead say everything you think about me. What you would like to do. I can see your thoughts and you see mine. We feel eachother as in this instant. Our stomach are scrambled by millions of dancing butterflies. We follow this music. It connects eachother. Our eyes watch the same lights in the sky. I see their sparkling in your eyes and you in mine. That’s our love. I whisper ‘How beautiful you’re’. You caress my face smiling at me taking my hand to your heart. It beats faster as mine. This music take us higher than ever. In the sky we got eachother. We melt eachother. See myself in your eyes as you do in mine. Your mouth close to mine we can touch on. We can touch on our souls We touch our hearts. We can touch our love. We can touch eachother. We love US


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