I see the sky….


and i see our parellel world. These lights dancing. I see you look at me. Whisper my name. Take my hand. We fly trought these lights. These colors takes us away from this world we dont need. We need just of our looks our eyes. Our souls. ‘Which you need’ you ask me. ‘Your eyes, your voice, your whispers, you take my my hands… just you’. Which i see i adore. Your smile, your sweetest smile. Your smiling eyes. Your soul. I just need of that. I just need of you. Take me away from this world where i dont belong to.  I just want to be embraced by you I just want to belong to our parallel world where i can be myself. Express all i need i want to be. Look at your eyes and to feel finally which i feel for real for you. I want to make you smile, touch on your skin and feel for the very first time that desire i need to feel My love for you. Just for you and anybody else. Take my hand and fly away to our parellel world, follow to this magic sound. Our own sound. In our world. Just ours.



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