I dreamt about you


tonight and then you posted this one. I think our parellel world is more closer than ever. I was think about you tonight. I dreamt we make love. The most sweetest love we made. You kissed me in our way. I was drive crazy for your lips on my breasts. Breathless. I think  we dont realize how close our parellel world is. Our souls, our hearts. These dancing lights. My stomach is scrambled from woke myself. I thinking about you. I need to know you do the same.  I need to know you’ve read my words. Give me this certainty. Give me the certainty you know me. What i feel for you. I need this little certainty. I know for sure we are connect eachother. These feeling are just when someone is really connected. My stomach is full of dancing butterflies. Your? I have the certainty about that. I smell your skin. I feel your touch. Your eyes. Your look into mine speaks openly. What you would like to do. I let you to do. I love your way. Your touch on me. Your hands explores me. Breathless. These lights. Your lips, your mouth. Your look into mine drives me crazy for you literally. Whisper your name in your ear. Your lips on my neck.

These hours i thinking about you, my dude… Do you know how much i miss you? How much i love you? Do you?


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