Your light, our world

northenlightThis is what i see into your soul. Our world. This music. Our souls. Your eyes looks at me in this way. Melt myself in this our light. This dancing light. You give me a little box. I get it. Looking at you. You whisper ‘This is my heart, my love, my passion, i gives it to you’. You wonder myself once again. ‘Take care of it’ you say looking at me with  those eyes i really love. Remain  breathless. My heart explodes. Millions emotions arounds me. Looking at me you know you shocked me. ‘I want my heart be yours… forever’. I didnt expected that from you. We have just our parellel world. These magic lights are just our hearts beating for eachother. Our love.  ‘My heart belongs to youI, i always knew it, since i left you my message’. My heart beats faster than ever. Our parallel world has becoming real. Everyday i thinking about you. I whisper how much i miss you. These are our lights. Then you give me your own passion, your own love, in this way. I look at you touch on your face, your skin, touch on your lips, your mouth. I melt with you. Your heart, your passion, your love is mine as mine is yours completly. Endlessly. We got eachother and now our souls, our passion, our love is FOREVER.



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