I see an universe …..



In your eyes. An universe that has trasformed in our parellel world. Your light, has became mine. That mole is my own anchor where i can cling me when lost myself. Your eyes, our pirate ship. Our own world. I could remain to look at your eyes endlessly. They enclose everything it means a lot to me. That strenght you gave me to goes on, besides all. Your love message you left me in my heart. When i see your eyes i feel your skin smell in the air, and that’s convices me you’re thinking about me as i doing in this time. Yes i miss you so much Do you? Your light illuminates my soul. My soul is warm when i see your eyes. Your eyes are as a warm hug for my lost soul. I need you, i just want whisper you how you mean to me… Since you’ve eneterd in my life i dont feel alone anymore. I’m sure you know that and this my conviction makes me smile. I’m sure you know about me more that anyone else.  You know my fears, my doubts, my desires, which i feel for you. And i’m sure you have will rembembered me if one day we meet eachtoher. And our parellel world will become a real thing. Our parellel world is your eyes. Everytime i look at you i see it. I think you do the same when you look at mine. Im waiting for you in our ship raising the blackflag.


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