I need your…

12-glitch-owenlook. I need to touch your naked skin. Feel your muscles. See your veins. Feel your blood flows. My mouth on your body. Take off  slowly that shirt. Look at your eyes. You smile to me caressin my face. Your eyes are my whole world. You know it. You let me in just whispering my name. I blush. You said my name in a way i drive crazy for it. You take my face with your hands. Still blushin you say me ‘I love you’. My heart beats so faster. Take my hand and put on your chest. I feel your heart. It beats as mine. Your eyes on me says what you would to do. Surrender myself to your hands, to lips, to your mouth. I feel your soul let me in. You penetrate me. I remain breathless. ‘I want you’, whisper me so. And you start your ‘play’. In and out. Out and in. I feel your power in me. It drives me crazy. Your desire growin  til we reach together the peak of our passion. We look at eachother and in unison we say ‘I love you’.

That’s our parellel world.


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