This dimension

wondeer01It’s just our dimension. Our parellel world. Where lives in our souls, our hearts. I feel like flying. I see all colors of our souls melts. I look your mole. I could remain hypnotize from that little mole. In that lives in a world in which dive myself. This music talks for us. It talks about my love and yours. It’s like to live in another universe. Our universe. Our parellel world. Your eyes and mine. Like silver and platinum, Rain and sun that creates a wonderful rainbow of our emotion, of which  we feel eachother. A treasure we keep in our hearts and we just know where get it when we need of eachother. Here on our Parellel World. Where everything it’s perfect. When  also it’s raining, the raindrops aren’t cold but just warm like our embrace. Here it’s where i would like to live forever. With you.



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