I’m sure…

62360_707542912610905_497666653_n1If we meet eachother, you recognize me immediatly. You would come to me and you would ask me ‘Is that you Daria?’. Because i believe in your life you will have known few girls with my name. Daria is a uncommon name. And i believe that you  have seen my name and my twitter account everytime you have done the search of your name as hashtag. And i’m sure on 27 August when you have put your like on my comment on instagram, you have will rembembered me. I’m sure you have will checked my profile and you have will rembember that time you left me ‘that aknowledgement and that greeting for the new year’. I’m sure about all that. And i’m sure that everything it began in those days. You rembembered me. I was on your like’s twitter page for long time. My uncommon name. Your message for me. You like on my instagram comment… Our parellel world began with few things, but now it’s become something bigger And i’m sure that behind my ‘uknown_user’ it hides you. Everytime asked myself ‘who have will hides his indentity if no someone important?’ (on twitter i have just 27 followers)…

If one day we meet eachother we could reveals our real feeling we have for eachother.

I wait for this day…do you?



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