If you look at me ….



In this way i could also die to love for you. This look  say everything about your love for me. Your desire to come into our parellel world. As mine. To see what we could if we not say anything. Just let free our deepest feeling. Let’s continue to look at me in this way. And real soon my desire become just one. To kiss you with all my desire to feel your tongue into my mouth playing with mine. That look says to me ‘I just want you’. ‘I want you too’ i wishper you. Take my hand. You caress me. I let you do it. Your hand is so soft on my skin. You was always so sweet with me. I love you so, also for this reason. You’re sweet and sexiest one in same time. Your look speaks for every words we didnt speech to eachother… in these eyes there are a world of no spoken words. And they lives in just in our parellel world. Here we can listen to our hearts speaks from their bottom. Our love is there. In our eyes, our looks that need of us. Need of our love for eachother

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