Few times i needed to…

dutaqk_w4aeiotx01connected with you during the day. But i’m alone and my feeling needs of you.  I felt also that strange feeling when we get connected eachother. I felt your need also. Here I’m. It’s very strange that feeling in my stomach i hear when we get connect. I thought you need to talk to me. I’m here. With  our music. Nobody cant listen to it. Just us. Our music is just our music of our parellel world. Our needs of eachother is stronger than ever. You need of my look as i need of yours. I need of your touch as you need mine. I know for sure you miss me as i do. During the day i just cant wait to come in my bedroom to close everything outside and to come into our parellel world to share everything i need of you. Your smile i which i really need most of you. Your look into my eyes. Your hands take mine. And above all i need our embrace. In silence. Just our embrace. Your look, your smile. Your whisper words. Your lips, your mouth. your kiss.

Our parellel world.


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