That Kiss…


You look at me. Your smile. I’m drives crazy for your eyes. I’m smiling at you too. The happiness is the air. You look at me so strange. I’m softly laugh. Around us something new happening. Just you know what really happening. it’s your mind. You take my hand. Our parellel world looks differents. But it’s the same safe place where we get connected ourselves. I see our souls more connected than usual. Your look becomes more deepest into mine. In few instant our lips touch eachother in a kiss that we hardly forget. Your hands explores my body. I dont leave my look from you. You whisper me ‘Close your eyes’… I do breathless. Your lips start to kiss me so sweet my face… instead to give me wonderful kiss on my mouth you start to kiss my neck. You know it. I’m drive crazy for that kind of kiss. You kiss my neck so sweet. I can’t help to say ‘please continue… dont stop’. When you kiss my neck i’m literally in heaven. A heaven in our parellel world. We listen to this music and at same time we are come at the peak of our own pleasure. That kiss im dreaming about, maybe one day it could have happen. Our kiss. in our parellel world.


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