I’m wait for you…

luke-arnold-photos-00055 Always.  In my heart. I’m a wait for a person as you.And maybe i’ve found in you. Really. A person who got my same feelings. Everytime i see you in your eyes i get always something new. You talk to me trough that wonderful eyes that i know, since our look met eachother. But everytime its like the very first time. Some of your own words strikes me as the first time i heard them. You’re in my heart. There in that little place where i get my own ‘precious’ jewelry. You’re my ‘jewel’.  I never stop to think someday we could meet eachother…  really. And if it could have happen our parellel world comes true. Our souls will starts to dance. And a rainbow of emotions knout out us. And finally our looks get in own eyes, millions of feelings will crown our love in just a hug we will dont forget hardly. Our own feeling will flow trought our look with anything to say. Just skin to skin. Look into look. Arms in arms. We will hear our mutual perfumes. Another look into our own eyes and then you will say in a whisper ‘I was waiting for you’ You will take my hand and we will go away.


… in our own world.

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